High Fade, Low Fade, Fade with a Pomp – you name it this men’s haircutting competition is for you!



Andis® Fabulous Fades Competitor Registration

Saturday, March 25

3:30pm - 5pm

Located on the CosmoProf Center Stage


$120 Regular Price 

(More Information Below)

Pre Competition meeting room
ROOM W185bc


Rules and Regulations


1. These competitions are open to all licensed hair professionals, both barbers and


2. All competitors and models must be eighteen (18) year of age or older. Each entrant must

provide a live model – no mannequins. Models must be MEN ONLY for the Fabulous

Fades Competition.

3. There will be a limit of 25 competitors for the Fabulous Fades Competition.

4. ABS and Andis reserve the right to cancel the competition if a minimum of 10

competitors is not met.

5. All competitors must check in at the registration area at least one hour prior to the

competition. If a contestant is late, they will forfeit their place and paid entry fee.

6. All Participants (contestants and models) must sign a release form. In doing so, the

participants agree to abide by the final decision of the judges, as well as use of images

for promotional purposes.

7. During registration, you will be required to give a signature agreeing that you have read

and understand these rules and the general rules and regulations.


LICENSED PROFESSIONAL: To qualify to enter a category as a “Licensed Professional”,

the competitor must be currently licensed and show proof of licensure.



Registered competitors and models will receive a complimentary ticket to ABS.


1st – $500 in Andis tools plus $100 cash card

2st – $250 in Andis tools plus $50 cash card

3st – $150 in Andis tools plus $25 cash card



2:00pm  Report to registration area for competition briefing

3:30pm  Competition intro

3:45pm  Cutting begins

4:15pm  Competition ends and judging begins

4:45pm  Awards


1. A contest briefing will be provided in the competition

arena prior to the competition to ensure all have a good

understanding of the rules and procedures.

2. At the start of the competition, competitors will be shown

to their station where they will receive their assortment of

Andis® tools.

3. All competitors will receive the same Andis® tools package

valued at over $150 to complete their haircut. The package

includes a cape, Cordless Envy Li adjustable blade clipper,

cordless Slimline Pro Li trimmer, clipper comb, tapered barber

comb, Cool Care, oil, blade brush and towel. This is the

competitor’s to keep. Competitors must use only Andis

clippers and trimmers to complete their cut. If any other

haircutting tools are used, the competitor will be disqualified.

4. The use of straight edge razors and/or razor blades is

strictly prohibited.

5. Competitors can adjust the blades of the clippers provided

if they are able to perform this task in the given set-up time.

There will not be any extra time given for blade adjustments,

nor will the start of the competition be delayed for

this reason.

6. Competitors will have 30 minutes to complete the haircut and

are required to remove at least ó inch of hair. “Clippers

down” will be announced at the close of the competition and

you must stop cutting even if the cut is not complete. At their

discretion, judges may disqualify a participant for cutting

beyond the time limit.

7. All models’ hair must be cut during the competition.

Competitors are not allowed to cut, trim, shape or preset

model’s hair before the competition begins. All cut hair MUST

be left on the floor and participants MUST stay at their station

for the duration of the competition.

8. Competitors are encouraged to bring their own finishing

tools and products including combs, brushes, spray bottles

with water and finishing products as these will NOT be

provided. Note: there is no electricity on stage so

hairdryers will not be available for styling.




1. Judging team will be made up of no less than 3 master

barbers with a minimum of 10 years’ professional experience

and demonstrated leadership in men‘s grooming.

2. The judges will inspect each model’s hair during check-in. If

the judges feel the model does not meet the requirements –

i.e. too short of hair, pre-cut or styled etc. It will be up to the

judge’s discretion to deduct points and/or disqualify from the


3. Judging will take approximately 45 minutes beginning

immediately upon completion of haircuts.

4. Entrants will be judged on four categories:

- Technique

- Originality

- Style

- Tools

Each category is worth 10 pts each. Total amount of

points that can be earned is 40. Within the tools category,

demonstrated understanding of the tools should be evident.

Should the judge determine that a violation occurred such as

use of a cutting tool in violation of the rules, points will be

deducted from this category.

5. Entrants and models must remain until the judges’ decisions

are announced.

6. There is no dispute process for the judging of this

competition. The decision made by the judges is FINAL.