All exhibitors, workshops, artists, presenters, times and locations subject to change without notice.


CE 800
Joe Santy

Truth, Trust and Transform 

with Joe Santy

11am - 12noon

Price: FREE

• The how’s and why’s behind OLAPLEX’s revolutionary chemistry 
• Ideas for increasing your color and chemical revenue without increasing your workload
• How to communicate the many uses and  benefits of OLAPLEX to your clients 

CE 803 
Katie Nielsen

Milano Moda-
Creme Collection

presented by Katie Nielsen
for Scruples

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Price: FREE


• The Versare technique, which showcases iridescent cool colors reflected with a shimmering hint of honey
• How to combine this latest color line with three haircuts – the modern bob, a square layer, and a full fringe 

CE 802
Leah Freeman

Get Attached to L'ANZA Healing Color!

presented by Leah Freeman

2:45pm - 3:45pm

Price: FREE

• The endless artistic possibilities with L’ANZA Healing Color
• Creative color placement and application techniques with our revolutionary time saving technology
• How to prepare your canvas for optimal color results in any color scenario  

CE 801
Missy Peterson

The Art of
Color Correction:
Become A Confident CONCENTR8 Colorist!

presented by Missy Peterson
Malibu C

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Price: FREE

• Isolate the Primaries to Navigate the Color Wheel 
• Expand Your Color Range for Limitless Creativity
• Create Customized Formulas for Every Client
• Maximize Your Profit with Supplemental Color
• Discover Advanced Techniques for Transitional Color
• Master the Art of Color Placement for Every Client


CE 804
Teri Dougherty

Erin Nelson

Accelerate Your Income

presented by
Teri Dougherty & Erin Nelson
for Aloxxi

MONDAY, March 27
1:30pm - 3:30pm

Price: FREE

• Upsell your existing clients
• Gain potential new color clients
• Market yourself and your salon to attract new color clients via social media, special events etc.
• Create EXPRESS COLOR techniques that can be   immediately utilized in the salon
• Increase your sales utilizing the NEW ANDIAMO Express Permanent Color
• Create an Express Color business plan

 CE 805
David Stanko


A Chemist & A Colorist

presented by 
David Stanko for Redken

SUNDAY, March 26

3:45pm - 4:45pm

Price: FREE

  • Come in a stylist, leave a color genius! During this rare, one-hour presentation, renowned NYC colorist and Redken Brand Ambassador David Stanko, along with Redken's top color-chemist and formulation expert, pull back the curtain on every haircolor chemistry secret. 
  • It's the ultimate Geek fest that marries art and science, and presents the latest information in colorists' own language. In addition to getting a behind-the-scenes look at the way Redken haircolor is really created and how it works, you'll explore hair composition, environmental effects on haircolor, haircolor categories, the secret behind lighteners, new star technologies and more.  
  • Unleash your inner geek  and you'll never look at haircolor the same way again.

All exhibitors, workshops, artists, presenters, times and locations subject to change without notice.