Salon Sustainability Resources

Cosmetologists Chicago® defines true sustainability as: Continued economic development to sustain our businesses. Social progress to support and protect our communities. Active and involved concern for the environment.

Here are links to some industry green pioneers and organizations that can help you contribute to environmental sustainability.

Happy Earth Day:  Find more resources and connections at

Industry Resources:
John Paul Mitchell Systems:

Action Bag Company
MOP Products:
Intelligent Nutrients:

National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons & Spas
Organized to help salon and spa owners implement green business strategies and become environmentally responsible. Offers sustainability certification! ABN members receive a 10% discount on membership. Login to the member discounts & coupon page for details!

Matter of Trust
Natural Surplus programs, including Oil Spill hairmats, made from salon hair clippings!

Energy Saver Advisors
Educating salon owners about how to make salons more energy efficient, saving them money and helping save the environment

Green Resources – Green Community & Action Links
US Environmental Protection Agency:
US Department of Energy and EPA:
US Natural Resources Conservation Service:
World Resources Institute:
Sustainable Sources:
Natural Resources Defense Council:
National Geographic’s Green Guide
Carbon Footprint:
Clean Air Council:
Earth 911:
Earth Day Network:
Earth Save International:
Green Spa Network:
Environmental Defense Fund:
Friends of the Earth
20/20 Vision