First Time Exhibitors

To complete the exhibitor "Request to Exhibit" form, double click here.

Upon approval, an email containing a unique company password will be sent allowing access to the Digital Exhibitor Service Center.

Next Steps

Once logged into the Digital Exhibitor Service Center, an application for a booth along with payment must be submitted.
Exhibitors will then schedule an over the phone meeting with the Sales experts of Cosmetologists Chicago, the producers of America's Beauty Show.
This meeting is a one-on-one consultation, giving each exhibitor personal attention when it comes to finding an optimal booth location on the ABS show floor.


Contact our trade show management team directly:





Jarek Lipczynski
Director of Sales
M: 702.820.8563  |  P: 312.321.6809

John J Petroff 
Director of Special Accounts
M: 248.229.5801
America's Beauty Show Exhibits


425 S. Financial Place, Suite 2325
P: 1.800.645.2505
F: 1.312.673.6612


Direct all payments to:


Chicago Cosmetologists Inc.-
America's Beauty Show - Exhibits

28536 Network Place
Lockbox #28537
Chicago, IL 60673-1285