Client / Professional FAQs

Vampire Facials

After seeing the article from BuzzFeed News, Two People Were Diagnosed With HIV After Getting "Vampire" Facials At A Spa, CIDESCO USA has issued the following directives for professionals regarding this service.

This service is beyond the usual scope of practice of salon professionals.  

The procedure involves the drawing of the client's blood for re-injection under the skin in areas showing aging, wrinkling, sun damage etc.  

Salon professionals are scoped in their practice to beautify or cosmetically enhance the skin of the epidermis or other specific anatomical areas.  

Blood circulates in the serous layers of the skin, much deeper than the stratum corneum of the epidermis, the external "horny" layer.  To draw or inject blood requires the practitioner to work in areas of the skin outside the salon professionals' practice domain.

Salon Professionals working in medical environments need to ensure that their medical practice is authorized by the appropriate regulatory authority to practice in areas defined in the domain of medicine.

As always, please consult your medical professional / Dermatologist or State Regulatory Agency before proceeding with this service.

Microblading and Permanent Makeup

We draw your attention to this ABC 7 Chicago’s news broadcast on microblading and permanent makeup that ran on May 21. This follows cautions we heard from a Chicago Department of Health examiner regarding seeing “too much blood” during skin care service demonstrations at the recent ABS/IECSC —services that are out of the scope of salon/spa professionals practice. Click to view.

As our CEO Paul Dykstra noted in the last issue of BeautyView, “while the search for stronger peels; for exfoliation / stimulation devices that go deeper; for the discovery of a ‘fountain of youth’ cream is admirable, it is also very dangerous.”

As a reminder to all our member estheticians and cosmetologists, we direct you to the recent listing of Prohibited Practices from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), which includes the microblading services mentioned in the ABS news segment.

While you may not be licensed in Illinois, we encourage all professionals to check with your own state’s regulations to ensure you are practicing within the scope of services for which your license is issued.