It's Time To "Get Your CIDESCO"!


Get Your CIDESCO! 

The most prestigious designation in the salon / spa industry!


Get Your CIDESCO! 

CIDESCO is for you!  A CIDESCO designation is offered and available to salon / spa professionals who prove their knowledge and technical skills meet rigorous world-wide standards.


Get Your CIDESCO! 

CIDESCO is available in CHICAGO!  Since CIDESCO USA is hosting the big deal – The CIDESCO World Congress in September 2019 - you can attend a CIDESCO Certificate Review Course this Summer AND sit for the CIDESCO Certificate Exam in September when the world of CIDESCO invades Chicago. 



A CIDESCO designation is earned!

• A salon / spa professional with three (3) years of professional experience sits for

the CIDESCO theoretical, and

the CIDESCO practical examinations, and earns

+ either the CIDESCO Certificate in Skin Care (aligns with USA licensure requirements,) or

+ the CIDESCO Diploma (certifying skill levels in skin care, nail care, body care/massage and epilation –
the GRANDDADDY of all Certifications!)


In case you weren’t aware, we WANT you to GET YOUR CIDESCO! (tee hee!)  You’ve earned it.  Now show the world and your clients you are simply -- the best of the best -- One of the few who claim their CIDESCO Certificate in Skin Care.


Your CIDESCO awaits . . . Yep, it’s time to Get Your CIDESCO! or phone 800.648.2505 Option 0

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