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Cosmetologists Chicago & the American Association for Esthetics are pleased to partner with Bioelements to bring you a terrific member benefit - advanced education at the Chicago-land Bioelements learning center! This is a great way to get CE credit at classes that are normally only open to Bioelements Partnership Spas! Plus, CE classes are only $10 (you must pay with credit card when registering).  Product knowledge classes are also available free of charge but no CE is awarded.

It's easy. Simply call the Bioelements non-partnership registration line at 800-633-5638. Let them know you are an AAE or CC member and provide them with your name, license number and credit card. They will ask you for an email address and you will be sent a class confirmation with the location, map, directions, class description and all necessary info for you to attend.

Chicago/Ravenswood Location (Chicago)
4043 N. Ravenswood, Suite 216, Chicago, IL 60613


Dates Class Time
2015-04-20 Bioelements Custom Blend Facial Protocol 10am-1pm
2015-04-20 Bioelements Acne Clearing Facia 2pm-5pm
2015-04-27 Pigmentation Nation: New Solutions for Dark Spots & UV Damage 10am-1pm
2015-05-04 Retail Skin Care Product Knowledge- 10am-3pm
2015-05-11 Bioelements Custom Blend Facial Protocol 10am-1pm
2015-06-01 Retail Skin Care Product Knowledge 10am-3pm
2015-06-08 Professional Use Only Product Knowledge 10am-3pm
2015-06-15 Bioelements Acne Clearing Facial 10am-1pm
2015-06-22 Bioelements Advanced Enzyme Exfoliation & Chemical Surface Peeling 10am-1pm
2015-06-22 Bioelements Ultra-Detox Chemical Peels 2pm-5pm
2015-06-29 Bioelements Custom Blend Facial Protocol 10am-1pm


Bioelements Custom Blend Facial Protocol ($25 - 3 CE)
Learn how to create a full service menu using the Bioelements Custom Blend Facial Protocol – an easy and versatile step-by-step that allows you to make decisions every step of the way and have complete control in your treatment room. Watch a demonstration of the Bioelements Custom Blend Facial Protocol, and learn how to perform a Bioelements SkinReading®, our unique skin analysis system to identify skin type, skin concerns and appropriate treatment choices. You’ll receive in-depth product knowledge on each product used in the facial, learn what retail products to professionally recommend post-treatment, and leave with concrete rebooking strategies. Discover how easy it is to modify this facial protocol into the Firm and Lift, The Calming Facial, Ultimate Detox Facial and V-Neck Firming Treatments. This is an interactive class and participation is encouraged through role-playing and active instruction.

Bioelements Acne Clearing Facial ($25 - 3 CE)
This is an in-depth class on acne: who gets it, the types of adult acne, and the characteristics of an acne-prone skin. We’ll explore possible acne-links, from hormones to other skin disorders and medications, and dispel the acne myths that can confuse clients. You’ll learn how to visually recognize the triggers and symptoms of each grade of acne and how it forms, make appropriate treatment decisions, and recognize when to advise your client to seek medical intervention. We’ll show you how Bioelements SkinReading® will help you recognize and identify acne trigger factors, symptoms, and possible contraindications. Learn in-depth product knowledge of our Over the Counter (OTC) Acne Clearing System, watch an interactive demonstration of the Bioelements Acne Clearing Facial – and learn how to modify it for a client’s back. You’ll leave knowing how to help your clients manage acne with the right treatments and at-home products.

Pigmentation Nation: New Solutions for Dark Spots and UV Damage ($25 - 3 CE)
Discover the latest depigmentation breakthroughs and how you can bring them to your service menu and retail area in this interactive class. You’ll learn the process of melanin production and what happens to this process when the skin reacts to the 3 main causes of hyperpigmentation: UV exposure, hormonal imbalances, and injury – incorporating visuals to help you recognize and identify each one. We’ll discuss the science behind our powerhouse depigmenting products LightPlex® MegaWatt Dark Spot Corrector and LightPlex® MegaWatt Skin Brightener, and how SkinReading® helps you choose the correct products and treatments based on your client’s skin concern and type. Watch and participate in a full demonstration of the Bioelements Depigmenting and Brightening Facial, and learn how to design a depigmenting At-Home Agenda for best results while you rebook clients for continued results.

Bioelements Advanced Enzyme Exfoliation and Chemical Surface Peeling ($25 - 3 CE)
Learn the science behind intrinsic and extrinsic aging, both short-term and long-term, and explore how Advanced Enzyme Exfoliation and Chemical Surface Peeling Treatments affect the skin and improve overall skin function. We’ll cover the different types of exfoliation – physical vs. chemical – as well as contraindications to each. You’ll receive in-depth product knowledge of our professional exfoliation and surface peeling products, and how to use the Bioelements SkinReading® System to make appropriate treatment and take home recommendations. Watch a full, interactive demonstration of our Bioelements Custom Blend Facial, with an in-depth focus on the Advanced Enzyme Exfoliation and Chemical Surface Peeling steps, as you get extra tips on how to keep your treatment room full and promote retail. You’ll learn how to incorporate these products into the Powerful Surface Peel, Enzyme Exfoliation, and Chinese Herbology Facial treatments.

Bioelements Ultra-Detox Chemical Peels ($25 - 3 CE)
The skin your clients want is under the skin they see. Learn how to reveal it with Bioelements non-ablative, advanced chemical peels, which target an entire spectrum of concerns, from lines and clogged pores to UV damage and poor elasticity – without redness, flaking, or actual “peeling.” Chemical peels, one of the most powerful non-surgical treatments available today, are in high demand; Learn how to compete in this marketplace and watch an interactive demonstration of our Ultra Detox Chemical Peel, how to offer a progressive peel series, and a pre- and post-peel At-Home Agenda. It’s the ultimate solution for clients who want total skin renewal.

Bioelements Retail Skin Care Product Knowledge (FREE, no CE)
Build your sales – and give clients the same professional results they expect after receiving a spa facial – with this essential class. You’ll learn the anatomy of our at-home skin care formulas, and receive in-depth product knowledge so that you can speak confidently with your clients. Discover how retailing is a professional service for your clients, so they can continue to see results between appointments. You’ll leave knowing how to professionally recommend products to build a complete at-home agenda, so your clients achieve the best results.

Bioelements Professional Use Only Product Knowledge (FREE, no CE)
Discover how Bioelements professional-use-only products ensure remarkable results in this essential class. You’ll receive in-depth product knowledge on the anatomy of our professional formulas, which are designed solely for use by trained professionals in the treatment room. Learn how and when to use each formula in a facial, including alternative uses to maximize success. Leave knowing how to further customize our Bioelements professional treatments with Custom Blend Additives, creating a unique client experience that only you can provide in the treatment room.



Cosmetologists Chicago is an approved sponsor of continuing education by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. CE credit approved in IL, IA and NE. Please check with your state licensure agency to ensure that you have the approved credit hours you need to keep your license current. Please note that programs and educators are subject to change.