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ONE-HOUR of Illinois CE training on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Listen. Support. Connect.

Learn how to help your clients who experience domestic violence or sexual assault

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Chicago Says No More to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault

  • When cosmetologists and estheticians renew their license in September 2019, they will be the first group in Illinois’ 2-year renewal cycle asked to confirm they have completed this new course now required by the Cosmetology Renewal License Domestic Violence Course (HB 4264/PA99-0766)
  • According to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR), here is the timeline for other groups required to complete a one-hour, one-time Continuing Education (CE) regarding domestic violence
  • September 2020—cosmetology teachers and esthetic teachers
  • October 2020—nail technicians, nail technology teachers, hair braiders and hair braiding teachers
  • This requirement must be completed in order for a license to be renewed. This requirement equips 84,000 licensees to help clients when they ask for help
  • Enroll in the Listen. Support. Connect. class with Cosmetologists Chicago to fulfill your requirement for Illinois license renewal
  • If you attended Listen. Support. Connect. at ABS 2019, ABS 2018, ABS 2017 or ABS 2016, you are in compliance and do not have to take the course again to renew your Illinois license
  • Chicago Says No More experts in the fields of domestic violence and sexual assault produced Listen. Support. Connect., in collaboration with Cosmetologists Chicago and Pivot Point, to increase awareness of the epidemic of intimate violence and to educate salon professionals about the best ways to respond when a client shares personal information or asks for help
  • Certified DV and SA instructors, who have completed 40 hours of training, will help you learn how to recognize signs, how to respond when your clients ask for help, and how to identify and direct your clients to helpful resources 
  • The Chicago Cosmetologists Association, Inc. is an approved sponsor of Domestic Violence Awareness Continuing Education (license #290.000021) by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.



Frequently Asked Questions

About the New Illinois Law Requiring DV/SA Education

A. The new law is called the Cosmetology Renewal License Domestic Violence Course (HB4264/PA99-0766).

A.  January 1, 2017. 

A. Every licensed salon professional is now required to take a one-hour, one-time awareness training in DV/SA in order to renew their license.

Q. Do salon professionals need to take the training every two years to renew their license?

A. No. The law requires only one-hour training, one time. However, they may choose to take an approved DV/SA course in the following years and it will count as one Continuing Education Unit.

A. Illinois Senator Bill Cunningham, whose wife is a former hairdresser, and Representative Fran Hurley introduced and sponsored this legislation. Salon professionals were chosen for this innovative education and awareness training because of the close relationship between salon pros and their clients.

A. Chicago Says No More is a coalition of agencies that serves those affected by DV/SA in the Chicago metro area and across Illinois. Their goal is to collaborate on new ways to address the epidemic of DV/SA. CSNM has developed the curriculum and will provide classes throughout Illinois.

A. Cosmetologists Chicago (CC), a 15,000-member association dedicated to the education and protection of salon professionals, has been working with CSNM since the legislation was initiated (almost 2 years). Cosmetologists Chicago worked closely with CSNM on this legislation to protect the safety and liability of cosmetologists in Illinois, as well as ensuring their education on this sensitive topic does not detract from the technical and business education required to pursue a successful business or career.

A. Cosmetologists Chicago worked hard in Springfield to ensure the safety of our constituents. The law specifically states that “a person who completes domestic violence and sexual assault awareness education, or his or her employer, shall not be civilly or criminally liable for acting in good faith or failing to act on information obtained during the course of employment concerning potential domestic violence or sexual assault.”

In other words, neither the salon professional nor the salon itself is liable if they choose to provide information or if they choose not to get involved.

A. The program, called Listen. Support. Connect. was designed exclusively for salon professionals by DV/SA experts and salon industry leaders of Cosmetologists Chicago. This curriculum has been approved by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation in Springfield which will monitor the CE units of cosmetologists.

A. Recognition of the symptoms of DV/SA and resources for a DV/SA victim are just part of the curriculum. This class will provide an overview of the scope of the epidemic of DV/SA and include options for salon professionals to use should they become aware of the symptoms—whether among friends, family or salon clients.

Q. How much does the Listen. Support. Connect training cost?

A. The training will be provided at no charge to salon professionals when conducted by instructors who have completed a 40-hour training program in DV/SA.

Karen Gordon & Kristie Paskvan speak about this program

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For more information about Chicago Says No More check out their website and take the pledge at:

The Chicago Cosmetologists Association, Inc. is an approved sponsor of Domestic Violence Awareness Continuing Education (license #290.000021) by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.