Curtain Fringe Is This Season’s Most Versatile Trend

Curtain Fringe Is This Season’s Most Versatile Trend

From fashion week to social feeds, fringe is suddenly everywhere. If your clients are looking to tap into the trend, there are certain shapes that are more versatile than others and at the top of that list is curtain fringe. Unlike straight across fringe that tend to be more blunt, curtain bangs are softer and more subtle and can work well with various texture patterns. With the ability to create a noticeable change without a great deal of commitment, curtain fringe can be dressed up or down for a polished finish or a laid-back vibe.

What Are Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs rose to popularity with the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Farah Fawcett. They are cut slightly shorter in the middle and grow gradually longer as they move away from the center. Curtain bangs are easily able to be parted in the middle and brushed from one side to another to create a wispy, romantic, French-girl feel.

How Did They Become So Popular? 

A staple of the 1970s, they have continued to make a huge comeback season after season. Considered the “training wheels” of fringe, they are ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to create a total commitment because curtain bangs allow you to test-drive fringe without sacrificing a ton of length. 

In addition to their low-commitment, this shape can also be easily tailored to any face shape or hair type. If your client has a longer or wider forehead,  it can help create the illusion of a more petite forehead or if your client has a smaller face, they can be brushed to the side to elongate the forehead. Curtain bangs are also low-maintenance when it comes to upkeep. Unlike straight-across styles or blunt bangs, you wont need to visit the salon every few weeks for a trim. 

The Right Curtain Bangs for Your Hair Type 

While curtain bangs flatter every face shape, they also work on a variety of hair textures and lengths. The key to finding your most flattering look is customizing the length and cut to suit your natural style. Longer layers work well with silky, straight hair and looser waves, while curlier and more textured strands pair best with eye-skimming or shorter fringe.

How to Style Curtain Bangs 

Any fringe will require a bit of styling and if your client is used to a low-key hair routine, you’ll going to need to show them how to manage their new style. One of the best things about curtain bangs is that they can be worn straight, wavy, or even curly.

Developing a style routine depends on the cut and natural texture. Use a blow dryer and round brush to add volume, add a spritz or two of texturizer to bring out waves, or use fingers and a bit of light-hold hair paste to create piecey texture.

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