Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Blowout

Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Blowout

The chill of winter is just beginning, which means it’s blow-dry season! Whether you’ve noticed an uptick in blowout appointments at the salon or are providing advice for your clients on how to speed up their blowout, read on for a few pro tips for the perfect finish.

Double Cleanse & Condition

A double cleanse is a given in the salon, but you’d be surprised how many clients miss this key step at home. If you often notice product buildup or oily areas of their scalp, educate them on washing and conditioning tips, because starting a style on fresh hair is key.

Picking the appropriate shampoo and conditioner can make a huge difference in your dry time. Whether you or your assistant are prepping their hair, be sure to assess the texture, type and desired result before picking products.

If hair is fine hair avoid heavy conditioning and moisture to help maintain body while drying hair or if hair is coarse, add moisturizing products (and even a deep conditioner) to help prep the hair for heat and control frizz.

As a rule of thumb, condition from mid-lengths to ends for five minutes and for the last minute emulsify the conditioner throughout your hair. Then make sure to rinse exceptionally well. Leftover product will make your blow-dry take longer and subsequently the results won’t last as long.   

Prep Makes Perfect

A solid foundation for your blow-dry is 50% of the work. Whenever performing a blowout, the first product you grab should be a heat protector. Apply throughout the hair while avoiding the roots if you are looking for extra lift there.

If volume is desired at the roots but you’re aiming to create sleek ends, focus a foam or volume spray at the scalp, and a leave-in conditioner or a styling cream with some hold at the mid-lengths and ends.

To avoid delays, always start with less product and layer because too little or too much product can make your blow-dry take longer.

Focus Your Attention

For a perfect finish, begin with the fringe and face frame first. Then rough-dry or use a paddle brush to remove about 70-80% of the moisture before going in with a round brush.

*The only time you should skip the pre-dry technique is when you are working with curly hair. If you’re looking to achieve more volume, flip the head upside down and use gravity as an assistant. For more control use a boar bristle/nylon brush to create tension. 

Finishing Touches

After creating the blowout, it’s all about keeping it looking its best. To ensure lasting power create an anti-frizz anti-humidity barrier using your favorite serum and a tiny bit of matte pomade or an anti-humidity hairspray. 


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