Five steps to great clients

Five steps to great clients

When your clients are involved in their service, they will fully embrace and appreciate the benefits of the wonderful experience you’re providing. Here are five steps to help you guide the process.

Step 1: Help your client be present, focused and involved in the experience. Often, clients are rushing to the salon focused on work, the kids or anything but enjoying the experience. That’s one reason why, “Just do the same thing as last time” comes out of their mouths before they have time to remember the pictures they’ve been scrolling through on Instagram or the challenges they’ve been experiencing at home.

Take 5 minutes to help them slow down and calm their mind before easing into the consultation. Offer a cup of soothing chamomile tea, invite them to smell calming essential oils and as you drape them, massage their neck and shoulders to help them relax. Take a couple of deep breaths together, as they settle into your chair.

Step 2: Now, guide them to share the important information that will help them love their hair. Start by asking what they’re liking about their hair. If they have specifics to share, great! If they don’t, ask questions. How were they able to style their hair at home? Did they feel comfortable using the products and tools you recommended? How did their color last? You know what you aimed to accomplish during the previous visit. Check in and make sure you’re still on the same page.

Step 3: Learn about their challenges. Many clients are not comfortable letting you know if they didn’t like something about their hair. But you can’t delight them when you don’t know what they’re thinking. Try asking, “If you could change something about your hair, what would it be?” Give them a few examples—Would you like more or less volume? Would you like your second-day hair to have more hold and shape? Would you like more curls or more waves? Does your color have enough shine?

Step 4: Seal the deal with a guarantee. Show them how to use products and tools to solve their challenges. Guide them as they move the tools through their hair until they experience their desired results. Shoot a quick video of the back of their hair so they can follow a guide at home.

Step 5: Do a post consultation together. Look at the length, color, texture, volume and shine. Evaluate each. Create a plan for the next service and book the time accordingly. Ask them to take selfies of “good hair” days  and “bad hair” days and send them to you.

By following these five steps, you’ll help your clients become more involved, more aware and more committed to their hair care process. That will lead to long-term satisfaction, because they’ve been active participants in the decisions every step of the way.

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