How To Create a Long-Lasting Style

How To Create a Long-Lasting Style

From stretching the time between salon appointments to prolonging the life of a blowout, who wouldn’t want their style to last longer? As a stylist, the best advice you can give clients, is how to keep their hair looking best between appointments. Apart from improving the health and appearance of the hair, this can grow trust and client retention. Read on for a few expert-approved tips for creating a long-lasting style.

Improve Split Ends

Whether your client rocks a blunt bob and fringe or long layers, split ends are a telling sign that they need a haircut, stat! If they are unable to get fit in or can’t fit an appointment into their schedule, tell them to take self-care seriously. Consistent at-home treatments are a foolproof way to cut down on damage and the appearance of spilt ends while improving moisture and shine.

Cut Down on Color Fade

Heat is the prime suspect when it comes to creating dry, dull hair. That is because heat fades color, can prematurely pull out toners, and drain the moisture from your locks. While avoiding heat is your best bet, this isnt always possible. If and when clients use heat on their hair, explain the importance of investing in products specifically for heat protection for pre-blow-dry and pre iron work.

Extend Heat Styling

Instinctively anytime someone gets a blowout, they are going to want to run their fingers through it and play with the hair all day long. Due to oils naturally on our hands, this cuts down on the life of the blowout. In addition to keeping hands off, aside from dry shampoo, try not to add any extra hairsprays or texturizers to your style as they can easily add buildup to the style.

Style Less

Aside from giving clients more time in the morning, cutting down on the amount of styling performed also cuts down on damage and color fade. If a client wears their natural texture or prefers a smooth blowout, adding dry shampoo to their routine can help keep their style intact.

Sleep with a Satin or Silk Pillowcase

Aside from not touching the hair, the next best thing clients can do to prolong their style is to always sleep with a satin or silk pillowcase. These materials are great for hair because they prevent frizz that cotton pillowcases can often promote.

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