How To Upsell A Gloss Service to Clients

How To Upsell A Gloss Service to Clients

Scheduling a root touch-up may be a no brainer, but clients often feel undecided about to do with the rest of their hair. They might be wondering: Is now the right time to make a major hair change or is it best to play it safe before risking a mistake that will forever haunt them in photos? If clients are itching for a subtle variation in their tresses, upsell them on a glossing treatment. From remarkable shine to dramatic tone variations, a good gloss can give you the change they’re looking for—without the risk. Check out three reasons why a gloss is the quickest way to upgrade a style and an easy upsell in the salon. 

Reason #1: A gloss can instantly alter tone.

When clients crave a change in color, what they’re actually seeking is a change in the tone, or the depth and variety of color within a certain shade. For example, simply transitioning from a warm dark brown to a cool chocolate brown can dramatically change their appearance (not to mention remove any unwanted brassy or yellow tones) without damage. Unlike traditional hair dyes, which open the hair cuticle to deposit color, glossing treatments coat the outside of the hair shaft, delivering a subtle hint of color without completely altering your overall shade. Many of the top glossing formulas are formulated to enhance color in a variety of stages, whether you want to go from a warmer golden blonde to an icy hue or a natural blonde to a gorgeous rose gold shade.  

Reason #2: A gloss adds insane shine.

A change in the weather, excessive heat styling or damage from the elements can lead to dull, lackluster strands during any season. An instant fix? A glossing treatment! Whether you apply a tinted or a clear formula, a gloss will coat the strands, leaving them softer, less porous and more light reflective adding shine, volume and dimension. For best results, book clients in every few weeks for mega-watt shine. 

Reason #3: A gloss improves manageability. 

If frizz or manageability is a concern, gloss treatments will keep their mane under control throughout the year and changing weather patterns. By conditioning the hair, and sealing the cuticle, glossing treatments create a “protective barrier” around the hair shaft, leaving it less vulnerable to outside elements, such as humidity, wind, or heat damage. The result? Fewer flyaways, minimal frizz and easier styling! What client wouldn’t want these results?


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