Salon Tips for the Holidays

Salon Tips for the Holidays

From decorating to adding special holiday services to your menu, adding a bit of cheer in the salon can help everyone get in the gifting mood! Around this time of year, everyone is looking to squeeze in last minute touch-ups and get their shopping done, which can be a win-win for your books. Read on for a few holiday salon tips to ensure everyone keeps running on time while increasing sales! 

Ask For Help

Schedules are going to be packed from now until the New Year. While adding extra days or extending hours can help alleviate the stress, consider adding more hands on deck this season.

Similar to how department stores bring in extra seasonal employees, thing about adding more assistants or front desk staff to keep things running smoothly.

Communication is Key

Whether you want to test out virtual consultations or simply send out an e-blast detailing everything coming to the salon this season — reminding clients to book, of cancellation policies, new products available and seasonal services before the book can help cut down on trying to squeeze in last minute services.

Set Up A Gifting Station

Shoppers are more prone to make impulse purchases when they can see them in person and when it’s an easy gift to pick up. Always have the latest promotions and gift packs near the front of the salon and even offer gift wrapping or customized bundles they can pre-order to pick up during their appointment.

Don’t Overbook

While the influx of appointment requests can get overwhelming, be sure not to overbook around this time of year. Leave plenty of time between clients to get your rest, accommodate for those running late or for add on services everyone is sure to request. Speaking of booking, encourage clients to book their 2022 appointments ahead of time so they don’t forget about their upkeep after the chaos of the holidays has subsided.

Check In With Staff

With hurried schedules and an excited tone in the air, stylists and staff will be running around trying to get everything finished in time. Try your best to stay organized, check in with your staff or fellow colleagues and help each other out whenever you can. Take time to plan a white elephant party or simply have a get together among the staff — don’t forget to celebrate each other this year so everyone knows just how appreciated they are.



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