The client experience is all that matters

The client experience is all that matters

The client or guest experience that you create in your salon, spa, barbershop or studio will determine the difference between having a record year and closing your doors. By creating a memorable experience for every client at every visit, you’ll be well on your way to having a full book, thanks to more referrals and more frequent visits by existing clients, charging the prices you deserve and building your bottom line through growing service and retail sales.

Today, most stylists offer quality technical and artistic cuts, color, texture services and more. Education is bountiful. Practicing your technical skills continuously is the minimum price of entry to the market.

But the beauty business has never been more competitive. Your competition in no longer the salon down the street. It’s anywhere that your clients and potential clients spend their beauty dollars—or any of their discretionary income. From CVS to Sephora to blow-dry bars or nail and lash boutiques and even to home parties, beauty services and products are available everywhere that clients are already shopping—and they’re provided quickly and with expertise. Your clients see them on social media. They talk with their friends and share recommendations. What you can provide that most of these competitors cannot is a long-standing relationship and the cumulative memorable experiences you create with every visit.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost you a single dollar to create a more memorable experience for your guests. While new comfy chairs, the highest tech blow-dryers and the trendiest hair colors are impressive and can create quite a buzz, they aren’t the most critical components to the experience you provide. Creating a memorable experience starts and ends with you and/or your team and the personal attention and care you provide for every guest at every visit. It’s how you make each client feel while they’re in the chair and after they go home.

Do they style their hair with ease every morning because you provided a lesson or video to follow at home? Or do they struggle with products and tools? Either way, they’re thinking of you.

So how do you create those memorable experiences at every visit? It starts with you being present and focused 100% on every client—regardless of what is happening at home or in the salon. If you’re always running late, adjust your booking times. Once clients enter your salon, their meters are running. You might think that running a little late doesn’t matter to your guests. Trust me, it does. Try adjusting your booking time to give yourself a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes between every client (in addition to the time for disinfecting) to clear your head, decompress and read over the notes you’ve prepared.

About those notes: They are critical to creating memorable experiences. For each client, know what you did last time, why you did it and the progression to get them to their goals.

Finally, people love surprises—when they're positive. Otherwise, they crave consistency. That doesn’t mean boring. It means making good on your promises. Making good on your promises defines your brand.

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