FASTFOILS™ Certification Course - Hands on Mastering the Art of Texture, Placement and Patterns with Leysa Carrillo & J Ladner

With FASTFOILS Leysa Carrillo & J Ladner

Sat, 20 Apr 2024 2:30PM- 5:00PM(CST)
Location: 49

Limited seating. Available to the first 60

Introducing FASTFOILS™ High Performance Foil.

FASTFOILS™ are endothermic foils that protect the integrity of the hair while speeding up the processing time by a minimum of 25 percent, with a more consistent even level of lift.

Join Leysa Carrillo and J Ladner as they teach you how to maximize your efficiency behind the chair with placement and patterns that can be applied across multiple hair textures. Lindsey and Leysa will teach you to work smarter not harder, and how to have more clarity in the art of placement that will help you produce more revenue per client.

They will share their signature 3D Blonding and Efficiency-Based techniques that deliver exceptional results every time. They will also share how their techniques will help you attract new clients to your chair, build loyalty and increase your value to raise the price point for your services.

Receive over $100 worth of product and supplies

Tool List: Tail comb / Foiling comb / Clips / Blow dryer / Round Brush / Vent/ Paddle Brush