con-TEXT(ure): Manipulating Mane Moods

With Pam Raye

Mon, 22 Apr 2024 1:30PM- 2:30PM(CST)
Location: 5

Limited seating. Available to the first 125
“con-TEXT(ure): Manipulating Mane Moods” - participants will embark on a journey into the realm of hairstyling, focusing on the art of texture manipulation. Through comprehensive consultation techniques, attendees will refine their ability to identify and define various hair textures, laying the foundation for personalized hairstyling experiences. From sleek + straight to voluminous curls, participants will learn how to cater to diverse texture preferences using the Texture Release System. The class will delve into cutting-edge techniques for texture manipulation, exploring innovative methods to achieve desired styles while maintaining optimum hair health. Additionally, attendees will gain valuable insights into product recommendations and usage techniques, empowering them to enhance their clients' mane moods and unleash their full styling potential