So much to learn, so little time!

Check out the classes that will be available at ABS 2022. We're still adding classes, check back or sign up for emails to get notified.

Ladies Of Legend
with Ben Mollin


Come spend three hours with the one and only Ben Mollin and watch him recreate three looks of some of the most iconic hair legends of our time! 

Braid Design
with Stasha Harris


In this class, you will learn how to create incredible braid designs including the basic cornrow. 

Glam Beach Waves
with Presley Poe


In this class we will discuss tools and styling products used, how to use the shape of the head for styling made easy, as well as texture discussion and placement.

“I Do” - Bridal Styling With Lala
with Lala Chihaia


Explore the art of upstyling, bring your skills to the next level, and learn how to smarter not harder through Lala’s quick and innovative techniques.

Clean Beauty for Global Skin Tones
with Jalia Pettis


To learn the importance of makeup artistry as it relates to women of color.

Hard Gels Made Easy
with Jaime Schrabeck


Learn how hard gel enhancements easily extend natural nails and protect with a beautiful and durable finish.

Waterless Spa Pedicures
with Jaime Schrabeck


Learn how to give clients a relaxing and effective pedicure experience that’s cleaner, greener and smarter than what most salons offer.

Sew-In Weft Certification
with Danielle Marro


As part of the Sew-In Weft certification, you'll learn about the product and get HANDS ON & INTERACTIVE application experience including removal, re-application, client consultation, color matching and blending, and cutting techniques.

Perfect Platinum and Pastel Tones
with Cherry Petenbrink


I’ll be sharing all the tips and techniques to achieve the purest of platinum blonde. 

Ten Commandments of Better Balayage
with Candy Shaw


From consultation tips to toning tricks and so much more, Candy will dive into a plethora of subjects to help guide you in becoming a painting pro!

Charge With Confidence, Charge Your Worth
with Amy Carter


Learn effective ways to increase prices so you can make the most of your time and expertise and say hello to a bright financial future!

American Fades
with Iconic Barbers


Learn the 5 most popular fades, how to cut them, monetize your clippers and create the modern styles you admire but wish to do on thin or coarse hair.

Haircutting Efficiency
with Ivan Zoot


Cut more hair better and faster while maintaining technical quality and customer service and satisfaction.