Check out the classes that were presented at ABS 2022.

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The ‘Mixie’: Marrying Mullet & Pixie Shapes
with Roger Molina & Twylla Jane


Learn from Roger Molina and Twylla Jane, on how-to visually read the hair to create a customized pixie cut with the edge of a punk-inspired mullet that your alternative clients will fall in love with.

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Clean Blends and Latest Trends!
with Sofie Pok & Yahia Jaber


Stay up-to-date with all the latest hair trends breaking down fading and styling techniques using BaBylissPRO Tools.

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How to #HairTok with K18
with Maggie Hancock


Master the new platform for pros with TIKTOK tips on everything from editing to amplifying your business

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with Bart Foreman & Michelle Steimann


Bart and Michelle will walk you through the strategies and tactics that you need to employ to make your business thrive and build a bright future.

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The Essentials of Short Haircutting
with Jesse Linares & Sean Casey


Join Sam Villa ArTeam Member, Jesse Linares, & Andis Global Educator, Sean Casey, as they share every short haircutting tip packed into one solid hour of education!

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The Deconstruction of Shags
with Jesse Linares & Roger Molina


In this class you’ll discover how to create the classic “shag” shape to the currently trending ‘wolf cut’ that uses elements of a shag & a mullet to create a modern, ‘shaglet’ shape.

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Secret of Medusa Hybrid Weft Demonstration
with Vanessa Shaddy


Learn why Secret of Medusa is the #1 choice for Full-Cuticle, Ethically-Sourced Human Hair Extensions in the widest variety of installation methods on the market

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Enhance Your Razor Sharp Lines
with Alfonso Cruz


Join @yofonzz as he will demonstrate how to achieve exceptional symmetry, balance, and detail for a photoshoot ready final product.

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Discovering Short(cuts)
with Sam Villa, Brayden Pelletier & Shannon King

@samvillahair, @justbhair, & @shannonwilliamking

Pixies, along with hybrid haircuts like ‘Mixies’, & ‘Bixies’ are moving through the trend circuit at the moment. Now is the time to take your cutting know-how to new heights & master these popular shapes.

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with Amelia Fugitt


How to set yourself up for a transformational lightening session and achieve a high-impact, lived-in look.

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Grow Your Business with Hair Loss Solutions
with Karen Gordon


Join Karen Gordon, Salon Owner and Certified Trichologist, as she shows how you can increase revenue by learning new skills and offering new products and services to clients with thinning hair.

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Diversifying the Pixie Cut
with Agnes Weary


Avlon Educator and Platform Artist Agnes Weary will show you how to take the classic pixie cut from generally short in the back and sides, to shaggy, spikey, and edgy.

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Manipulating Texture!
with Robin Rivera


Avlon Educator and Platform Artist Robin Rivera will demonstrate how to combine natural hair with relaxed hair to create a style that is as unique as it is versatile.

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Chicago Says No More
with Meher Rehman


Chicago Says No More is focused on ending the silence and changing the way that America talks about—and doesn’t talk about—domestic violence and sexual assault.