So much to learn, so little time!

Check out the classes that will be available at ABS 2022. We're still adding classes, check back or sign up for emails to get notified.

Ladies Of Legend
with Ben Mollin


Come spend three hours with the one and only Ben Mollin and watch him recreate three looks of some of the most iconic hair legends of our time! 

Knotless Braids
with Stasha Harris

Stairway to Blending
with Larisa Love


Soft & Blended look with the perfect touch of brightness & depth hybridized to create a soft kissed look with a stairway foiling method. 

Correct & Conceal - Understanding the Color Wheel
with Jalia Pettis


Learn proper technique and understanding of the color wheel in makeup artistry and foundation application.

Hard Gels Made Easy
with Jaime Schrabeck


Learn how hard gel enhancements easily extend natural nails and protect with a beautiful and durable finish.

Waterless Spa Pedicures
with Jaime Schrabeck


Learn how to give clients a relaxing and effective pedicure experience that’s cleaner, greener and smarter than what most salons offer.

K18 In Convo with Jack Martin
with Jack Martin


Join K18 Biomimetic Hairscience Director of Education, Jordan Alexander in convo with celebrity colorist, Jack Martin to learn more about his signature extreme transformations and perfecting your hair business. 

Contrast Balayage
with Cherry Petenbrink


Contrast Balayage is an express technique to reverse and refresh balayage.

Pro Tape Certification
with Amanda Barnoski


Earn a Pro-Tape certification and learn about the product through HANDS ON & INTERACTIVE application experience.

Measuring Haircut Client Satisfaction
with Ivan Zoot


Learn Ivan Zoot's simple system for measuring haircut client satisfaction and powerful marketing strategies for transforming first time clients into overwhelmingly satisfied long-term relationships.

Spif 101 - The Fundamentals According to Spif
with Spifster Sutton


From client retention to creating head-turning manicures, join Spif in this RARE experience full of gems that will upgrade your day-to-day operations, increase monetary gain and excel you and your general business practices.