Welcome to the World of L3VEL3

With Henry Rodriguez, Sean Casey
L3V3L3, Twin Cutz

Sat, 20 Apr 2024 1:30PM- 2:30PM(CST)
Location: 3

Limited seating. Available to the first 125

L3VEL3 is the epitome of excellence in barbering and grooming

education, offering classes taught by globally renowned artists.

They are known for their innovation and expertise, provide

students with unparalleled insights on social content and cutting-

edge techniques. Emphasizing education and sharing everything

from precision cutting to intricate designs, grooming styles, and

product knowledge. With a commitment to accessibility, the

L3VEL3 teams make connections and collaborations among like-

minded individuals, further enriching the learning experience. We

invite you to join our diverse Global Artist, Education, and Content

creation teams from L3VEL3, where individuals not only learn to

elevate their skills but also immerse themselves into the global

network of L3VEL3 shaping the future of the barbering and

grooming industry.