Check out the classes that were presented at ABS 2022.

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Who Took My Money?!
with Ramona Woods


Get the 411 on how to properly relax a client without burning or irritation. Understand the differences between texturizers, relaxers, and smoothing systems.

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Clean Blends and Latest Trends!
with Sofie Pok & Yahia Jaber


Stay up-to-date with all the latest hair trends breaking down fading and styling techniques using BaBylissPRO Tools.

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Ulta Beauty Pro Team Unveils the Looks Behind the America’s Beauty Show Models
with Ulta Pro Team


Join members of the Ulta Beauty Pro Team as they take you behind the scenes of the making of the America’s Beauty Show shoot.

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Collection Cuts
with Jesse Linares & Roger Molina


Join Jesse Linares & Roger Molina, as they showcase cuts from our “Lived-In Precision” collection that looks to the past for inspiration yet has an air of futuristic innovation & edge.

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Style Shifting: Day-To-Night
with Roger Molina & Lindsey Olson


Learn from Roger Molina and Lindsey Olson, as they share how to upgrade your styling arsenal to service any request that sits in your chair.

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The Design of Disconnection
with Jesse Linares & Chrystofer Benson


Learn how to personalize a cut with disconnection that can enhance bone structure & create a visual surprise using negative space & opposing lines for a one-of-a-kind creative cut.

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Micro Bob
with Jesse Linares & Roger Molina


Learn from Sam Villa ArTeam members Jesse Linares & Roger Molina as they share how you can create precision cuts with the uncommonly cool lived-in finishes of today.

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Mastering 4 ways to Balayage
with Alfredo Lewis


Alfredo Lewis, award-winning stylist will demonstrate 4 top balayage techniques: French Balayage, Two pointed, Three pointed and Air Touch Balayage.

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Dream Factory + Intuitive Face Frame: Vivid Dream
with William Beauregard & Kristy Daigle


Join us for the Vivid Dream. In this intuitive face frame with strong contrasts and an unusual color combination, the face is precisely outlined and stands out powerfully, for a look to remember.

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Dream Factory + Intuitive Face Frame: Blurred Dream
with William Beauregard & Kristy Daigle

@beauregardhair & @kristycolorshair

Join us for the Blurred Dream. In this look, the intuitive face frame uses a color gradient, that seamlessly blends from light to dark for a very natural high-impact result.

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Are You A Success Addict?
with Danny Amorim


I am the SUCCESS ADDICT and I am here to share my secrets & tips on what can make you one to! Are you ready to take this ride...

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with Amelia Fugitt


This class focuses on salon-reality, color correction theory, and demonstrates a technique that stylists can immediately utilize behind the chair.

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Shear Vs. Razor
with Sam Villa & Nick Arrojo


Join Sam Villa & Nick Arrojo as they showcase how to get the best results utilizing the ideal tool for the job, whether it be: blunt shears, razors, or texturizing shears.

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How to talk to your clients about hair loss
with Karen Gordon


In this 90 minute class, CC Past President Karen Gordon, Salon Owner and Certified Trichologist, will guide you through how to have a proper conversation with clients who suffer from thinning hair.

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Attention Woman! Profit First For Salons.
with Ronit Enos


I wrote this book for us. Woman to woman, this is how you can achieve financial independence as a woman in the salon industry.

Join Ronit Enos: Author of Profit First For Salons, Host of Huddle Time with Ronit, and Founder of Salon Cadence. Learn how to leverage your time and money.

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Avlon's Texture Forum
with Robin Rivera & Agnes Weary


Avlon Educators Agnes Weary and Robin Rivera will conduct an open floor forum discussion on texture and type.