Check out the classes that were presented at ABS 2022.

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Intro to Creative Color
with Diana Giannini & Sabrina Vellender


In this class, you’ll learn to formulate custom shades to the canvas, use creative colors as toning/correcting tools, and learn both wearable and creative coloring techniques for use behind the chair.

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The Natural Curl Architect
with Evan Joseph


Learn a customizable blue print for successfully designing & dry cutting any texture of naturally curly hair.

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Textured Halo's and Glamour Waves for the Modern Bride
with Kelly Vanderwier


Enhance your Wedding game with two of hottest bridal trends of 2022! Glamour Waves and the Textured Halo!

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Stronger in Placement Giving You Better Results
with Christopher Aaron


In this class you will learn how placement can control your end-result, by creating large impact with less work.

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Skill Booster: CND PLEXIGEL™
with Zsanea Hatcher


CND PLEXIGEL™ Brush-in-a-Bottle Gel Nail Enhancement System.

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The Elements of Texture & Hair Design by Design Essentials® Classic Collection
with Claudette Gyles & Enjolie Garrison-Hatcher


Gain Confidence in creative styling using various blow drying, setting, polishing & thermal styling techniques

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Powerful Conversations
with Daniel Mason-Jones


We all know that in the beauty industry money can come fast and leave fast. In this class Daniel sets you up for success with an eye toward long term financial freedom.

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Methodical Sustainability
with Yene Damtew


A deep dive into understanding your customer's journey begins with structuring the right processes and systems.

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Methodical Sustainability
with Marcella Ellis & Styling Team


Learn to Create Beautiful Extensions using Micro Links! The objective of this procedure is to add length and volume while giving the client ultimate flexibility.

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Matrix Muy Melted
with Pati Rodriguez & Andrea Battista


Learn to add dimension by blending multiple tones from root-to-tip on pre-lightened hair.

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Matrix 4D Foilyage
with Michelle O'Connor and Eric Vaughn


Learn how to create 4-dimensional high contrast blondes using foilyage placement techniques for maximum impact highlights on all patterns and diameters of hair.

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Mane Inspiration by Hotheads®
with Natalie Ruzgis and Jesse Marriott


You'll learn how to combine three methods of hair extensions to create the most luxe customized looks for your clients, while saving time and increasing your income behind the chair.

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Humanizing Your Brand to Recruit the Right Talent
with Matt & Jen Martinelli


Join us as we talk about the new market and how your business can implement strategies that connect with and drive the right candidates to your business.

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Healthy Hair with Olaplex
with Tiffany Cathleen


Learn more about the proven and patented technology of the OLAPLEX.

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Fine Hair Foilayage and Lived in Color for Curls
with Kelly Vanderwier & Wayne Grund


Discover quick, & simple Pure Color formulas & application techniques for fine & textured hair color guests!

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Effortless Styling
with Danielle Keasling


Get in on the foundations of how to naturally style all hair patterns and let your work speak its own voice.