2023 ABS Global Image Awards FAQ

Q: How many times can I enter the ABS Global Image Awards?

A: You can enter each category up to three (3) times.  There is no limit to the number of categories you can enter.


Q: How many images do I need to submit in each category?

A: Each category, except Total Transformation, requires up to three (3) images. Total Transformation requires up to six (6). A before image is required for each after image. 



Q: Do I need to submit a Behind the Scenes video?

A: A video is recommended but not required.  Entrants will not be penalized in judging for not providing a video.


Q: Will I be disqualified if I use photoshop??

A: Photoshop can be used as long as it does not change the shape, lines, overall look of an image. 

Example:  Removing flyaways is acceptable. Cleaning up the fringe line is not.

Example:  Removing a mole from the skin is acceptable.  Enhancing colors is not.


Q: Can I have multiple models in one (1) image?

A: Yes, but all models in the image will be judged equally.  If the judges determine one model in the image does not meet the entry standards it can impact the scores.


Q: Are there specific model rules?

A: You are welcome to use any model you feel best fits the look you are trying to achieve in your collection.  Global Image Awards are gender neutral, there are no restrictions on the models that you use in any of our categories.


Q: Are images supposed to be just of the head/bust?

A: Total Transformation and Full Concept must be full body images as the hair, makeup, nails, wardrobe and accessories are all reviewed in the judging process.  For all other categories it is at your discretion to enter full body or head/bust shots. 


Q: I don’t live in the US, can I enter?

A: The ABS Global Image Awards are just that GLOBAL!! We welcome entries from around the world.