Copy the Cut Challenge Details

Andis’ Copy the Cut Challenge! Meet Andis Fluid Vol3 Collection. Competitors are being challenged to recreate their best version of the Andis Fluid Vol 3 – Modern Day Classic Look created by Andis International Artistic Team Lead, Kevin Luchmun.

Judging Criteria

The final look mirroring the copied look, use of tools, and the overall final look for a total of 40 points available per judge for each competitor.

Competition Rules

  1. Each competitor must provide a live model – no mannequins. All competitors and models must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Photo ID for both competitor and model is required.
  2. At the start of the competition, the competitors will have 10 minutes to set up their station and will receive their assortment of Andis® tools. During this time competitors can adjust the blades of the clippers provided if they are able to perform this task in the given set-up time of 10 minutes. There will not be any extra time given for blade adjustments, nor will the start of the competition be delayed for this reason.
  3. All barbering tools must be done exclusively with the Andis® tools provided. The use of straight edge razors, razor blades and/or shears is allowed for detailing and cutting the top. If any other clippers or trimmers are used than the Andis tools provided, the competitor will be disqualified.
  4. Competitors will have 40 minutes to complete the haircut and finished style and are required to remove at least ½ inch of hair. “Clippers down” will be announced at the close of the competition and you must stop cutting and/or styling even if the look is not complete. At their discretion, judges may disqualify a participant for cutting beyond the time limit.
  5. All models’ hair must be cut during the competition. Competitors are not allowed to cut, trim, shape or preset model’s hair before the competition begins. All cut hair MUST be left on the floor and participants MUST stay at their station for the duration of the competition and judging.
  6. Competitors are encouraged to bring their own finishing tools and products including combs, brushes, spray bottles with water as these will NOT be provided. The use of semi-permanent color and permanent color are allowed but must be done in advance. The use of light color sprays and chalks is allowed.

Competition Fees

Registration Fee: $100
Date: 4.10.2022
Last Day to Register: 4.9.2022
*There will be no registration for Copy the Cut on-site

Registered competitors will receive a 1-day model pass and Andis® tools
*Package ($150 value) that will be used to complete the cut and will be the competitors to keep.

Prize Packages
1st $300 & Limited Edition Copper Master® Cordless Clipper
2nd $200 & GTX-EXO™ Trimmer
3rd $100 & reSURGE™ Shaver