Important information you will need to plan for the Show, including deadlines, move-in and move-out dates, rules, guidelines and more.

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Downloadable checklist.

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Do you have a design house, independent of our General Contractor RES developing and setting up your space? If so, it is required that you complete a EAC form notifying of the firm’s workmen being on the floor. Please note, Show Management will not afford EAC personnel access to your set up manual etc, without you notifying us of their involvement. Each exhibitor must complete the form. Click here to access the form.

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Consider ways to protect your exhibit and product, including hiring security Also review important tips and guidelines.

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ABS has developed a product donation program supporting local charities and shelters offering a variety of services to women and children fleeing abusive relationships and to those with disabilities.

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Each person working in your booth must be registered. Each exhibiting company will be provided with THREE personnel wristbands per 100sq.ft. of booth space with additional wristbands available for purchase for $25.00.

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A new approach to professional salon expositions—measure the event by leads you can open after ABS by tracking onsite customers! DON’T MISS THIS IMPORTANT step in your expo planning! Cosmetologists Chicago instituted this program, because as your customers we believe in serious follow up after the show. Only a minimal investment, you can load the lead tracking software right onto your handheld device.

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Located in the main lobby

ATM Machines:
There are 3 MB Financial Bank ATM machines located throughout the facility.
They can be found in the following locations:
• Level 1 of the Convention Center Main Lobby across from Starbucks
• Level 2 of the Convention Center in the Hall G lobby
• Expoteria lobby between Hall A and Expoteria

Coat Check:
For your convenience, coat check service is provided for most shows and is located according to the specific event schedule. 

Permanent coat checks areas are located on the levels 1 & 2 of the Conference Center.

Concierge Desk:
A concierge desk is located in the main Lobby of the Convention Center. Here you will be able to get event details as well as things to do and places to go while in Rosemont.

Internet Access:
DESCC is pleased to offer Internet and networking services to event organizers and their exhibitors.
DESCC offers a complimentary basic Wi-Fi service throughout all public spaces, meeting rooms, ballrooms and designated areas on the exhibit floor.


DESCC Security personnel patrol and monitor facility public areas, parking lots and perimeters. Security staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Personnel respond to all incidents outside of the exhibit hall and, when requested, will assist persons with disabilities.

In general, DESCC Security focuses on the following:

• Patrol of facility grounds and parking lots

• Closed-circuit television surveillance of selected public and exterior areas

• Limited surveillance of show floor, loading docks and shipping activities

• Photo identification badges for DESCC personnel
• A safe environment for event attendees and exhibitors

The event organizer is responsible for the safety and security of attendees and exhibitors in licensed space, i.e., exhibit halls and meeting rooms. To fulfill this responsibility, an independent security company is hired by the organizer to focus on the following:
• Control access into licensed exhibit halls and meeting rooms
• Security for booths
• Security for show materials being moved in or moved out of DESCC
• Compliance with the regulations and policies of DESCC, Village of Rosemont, State of Illinois and the federal government

Report an incident:
If Fire, Medical or Police assistance is needed:
• DIAL 911 for Rosemont Public Safety
• DIAL 847-823-1134 for non-emergency calls.
• DIAL 847-993-4001 EXT. 4001 or 4002 for Convention Center Security Staff.
If you do call 911, also call Security at numbers above.

Stay on the line, calls are recorded. An officer will answer immediately. Be prepared to identify the location of the emergency by; building, level, either hall, meeting room or corridor.

First Aid:
DESCC provides a wheelchair-accessible first aid station located on the ramp between Hall A and Hall B. Specific stations are opened based on the event location. These stations are fully equipped and include automated external defibrillators for reviving heart attack victims and oxygen tanks. 

Stations are staffed by Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers, most of whom serve as full-time paramedics for the village of Rosemont.

In addition, two hospitals are situated within minutes of DESCC and Rosemont ambulances will be called to transport patients when needed.

Ninety-two (92) Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) have been strategically placed throughout the DESCC. The AEDs are mounted in highly-visible cabinets placed throughout DESCC and in each security vehicle. When needed anyone who has taken a CPR/AED course can utilize them, as can our own certified personnel. More than 150 security and fire-safety officers and managers have been certified in CPR and are trained to use AEDs.

Emergency Response:
Evacuation Plan:

In certain circumstances, as with any facility, an emergency requiring evacuation may occur. Donald E. Stephens Convention Center has a highly trained Security and Safety staff, which includes many active or former members of the Village of Rosemont Public Safety Department. Should an emergency occur, we would consult with the organizer of each event to determine appropriate actions. 

If the emergency is minor, such as a small fire, the Security and Safety staff may insist that visitors in the immediate area move to a safer location within the same building. If the emergency is greater, we will advise guests in the facilities using the public announcement system or by other means, and most likely have guests move to another hall or building, until the emergency is resolved.

A detailed evacuation reference sheet can be provided by your Event Manager and are available for download below.

Rosemont Emergency Safety Procedures

Level 1 Evacuation

Conference Center Level 2 Emergency Exit Stairwell Locations

G Hall Emergency Exit Stairwell Locations