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Our membership plans are only for students and licensed professionals in the beauty industry. Qualified individuals may 1) create a profile to access certain benefits, or 2) create a profile and purchase a membership to receive exclusive, member-only benefits such as discounted education!

Please review the scenarios below and follow the instructions that fit your current situation. If you need assistance, please contact us at

I have activated my profile and am a member.

If you've already activated your profile, first make sure you’re logged in. As long as you’re logged in, you’ll have access to any benefits we provide on this site.

I have activated my profile and am NOT a member.

If you've already created a profile, first make sure you're logged in then choose your membership plan.

have NOT activated my profile, but I am a member.

We need to activate your profile first. You should have received an email to activate your profile a while back using the email address we have on file. If you have that activation email, go to that email and click the activation button to proceed. If you don’t have that activation email, please contact us at

I have NOT activated my profile and am NOT a member.

You need to create a profile first. We’re going to need some information from you to verify your professional or student status. Head over to the registration page and fill out the form. Once that’s done you can  choose your membership plan.

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