Getting Here / FAQs OLD

Popular Questions:

Q: What is the difference between membership options?

A: One includes a 3-day ticket to the show. The other just includes the other benefits such as online CEU education.

Q: How do I add staff to a salon membership?

A: They need to call in to add staff or they can add staff through CDS which provides the ticket at the same time (registration resource center button at the bottom).

Q: How/when will I receive my show tickets now that I've purchased my membership?

A: They will be delivered through digibadge the week before the show.

Q: Is there a new process for CEU's and auto-renew?

A: Yes! To obtain education CEU's from previous years and/or for CIDESCO classes, all CEU's will be received electronically. If you do not have them - you can request them again and we can reference our lists and resend them.


General Show Questions:

Q: What is my actual ticket/admission to the show? Will this be in my email?

A: YES! Some are still looking for a ticket in addition to the code contained in their email.  Digibadge will be sent in a separate email prior to the show.

Q: When will the class listing be available?

A: The class listing is available now:

Q: How can I be an educator at the show?

A: You can go to the and click on the Education tab. In the listing you will see "Become An Educator" which has the information you are looking for.

Q: Can we get more details in advance about the competition before the registration deadline? Especially student competition? 

A: Stay tuned! Competition info will be added as it becomes available. See here for a directory of show information:

Q: CIDESCO skincare academy is referenced in the ticket confirmation email, is this academy part of the regularly offered classes, or does it require a separate registration?

A: Yes! CIDESCO classes are paid classes that will need to be added to a show ticket. You can see details about those classes here: