Sensei Accessories Crystal Ion Carbon 6 Comb Clutch with 6 Black

SENSEI Introduces our new Crystal Ion Carbon Comb Collection. Silicone and Graphite are added to the resin to achieve maximum smoothness through the hair. Carbon is added for exceptional heat resistance. Precise injection using the latest equipment means no parting lines to drag on hair. These are the professional combs you have been looking for!

Includes 6 Sensei Black Crystal Ion Carbon Combs:
• Fine Tension Pin-Tail Comb
• Low Tension Pin-Tail Comb
• Reversible Cutting/Styling Comb
• Low Tension Cutting/Styling Comb
• Wide Classic Cutting/Styling Comb
• Long Classic Cutting/Styling Comb

Clutch is sturdy enough to also hold shears!

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