Sensei ManeStays GSC 20-tooth Seamless Blending-Finishing Shear

Sensei 20 Tooth Seamless Blending/ Finishing shear GSC 20 Tooth Seamless Bending/Finishing Shear takes blending to a new level. Remove weight lines and blend leaving no line with this amazing tool. Comb out in any direction with zero drag! The smoothest blending shear you’ve ever used. Features Forged Japanese Steel: The best blade steel in the world Material: Molybdenum Alloy Crane Grip Work Safe: Hand Open and Elbow Down Polymer Glide™ Eliminates metal to metal contact in the pivot Super smooth cutting feeling Cryogenically Tempered Removable Finger Rest Convex Edge: Convex Edge Cuts smoother, slide cuts better, lasts longer Crane Handle: Cut with your elbow down during every technique Reversible Leaf Spring Tension System For Lefties. 

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