The Makeup Show Main Stage presentation: A Career in Makeup - Melanie Mills

With Melanie Mills

Mon, 17 Apr 2023 10:00AM-11:30AM(CST)
Location: 42
SKU: 421701
Becoming a successful makeup artist means putting in long hours of hard work with day-after-day dedication and unlimited patience...  A makeup artist who works predominantly with a bridal or private clientele has got to have a kit, a skill level, and an understanding of makeup that goes far beyond the basics.   In this first time in The Makeup Show keynote, Emmy Award Winning makeup artist and Hollywood insider Melanie Mills offers insights and understanding of building better makeup.  From your consultation with your client to designing and finishing the makeup with important Pro-details, Melanie will provide tips and techniques that will land you a prime clientele and make you a premier in the makeup business. 

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