The Most Effective Treatment for Breakouts: Repêchage® Hydra Medic® Facial for Oily, Problem Skin

With Delanie West

Mon, 17 Apr 2023 02:30PM-04:00PM(CST)
Location: 27

Stress, hormonal fluctuations and diet can affect your skin, resulting in breakouts—in fact, close to 85% of people will experience oily problem skin at some point in their life time. In this presentation, you will learn how the Repêchage® Hydra Medic® Facial with Desincrustation Mask for Oily, Problem Skin and the at-home Repêchage® Hydra Medic® collection help deliver results. Demonstrations include step by step instruction on proper extractions, deep pore
cleansing and proper protocols. We will also share information on the important new ingredients for this skin type as well as skin care and lifestyle advice that you should be offering to clients.

Winner gets for free:

  • Hydra Medic® Facial For Oily Problem Skin ($93.00 Value)
  • 4 treatments in a box (Potential revenue $600) 

Recommended Service Charge $150.00

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