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The Six Figure Barber

With Rodrick Cole
Cole Cutz

Sun, 21 Apr 2024 1:30AM- 2:15PM(CST)
Location: Barber Connection

Limited seating. Available to the first 200

Cole's mission is to assist Barbers and Stylists in taking ownership, achieving success, and mastering the areas of their lives that they aspire to enhance, ultimately allowing them to elevate to their highest vision. The 6 Figure Barber himself ardently goes into 6 Laws that will inevitably impact the way they look at the potential of their craft behind the chair. Cole the Barber authentically and unapologetically shares a message that he lives by: it's Barbering or nothing. A Six Figure Barber isn't just a Barber that makes over 100K a year: that's just math. The Six Figure Barber is an identity that goes well beyond delivering sharp cuts. Cole the Barber uses his personal story to ignite the true passion needed to dominate the industry, and -most importantly- master yourself. His eBook, "The Six Figure Barber Law Book", is available in his Barber Bookstore

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