How To Choose Between Salon Commission Or Booth Rental

How To Choose Between Salon Commission Or Booth Rental

While stylists often dream about owning their own salon, many don’t give much thought to the difference between being a salon commissioned stylist or a booth renter. Based on your schedule and how well established your clientele is, each structure offers their own benefits. Keep reading to get to know more about the pros and cons of each and which option is best for you.

Salon Commissioned Stylist

Working as a commissioned stylist has more regimented structure to it, which can be a positive or negative based on your lifestyle. It is often less of a headache because there will be less for you to manage in regards to day-to-day duties. Many commissioned stylists work on a set schedule and utilize the salon booking system. In addition to this, they often have the ability to freely use products like color and have access to salon assistants. Many times, salons will also offer education and salon training for their commissioned staff. Depending on the benefits, you may also be entitled to vacation days and health insurance. Your work is part of the overall salon success and therefore you will also receive a great deal of encouragement and support from fellow salon staff. This can often be a great situation for new stylists or for stylists that have moved or are rebuilding their clientele.

Booth Renter

Booth or “chair” renters do not have as many obligations to the salon besides their weekly (or monthly) rent, which you are required to pay no matter how many clients you serviced.  Renters will often have a great deal more freedom when it comes to scheduling, however, there can also be a great amount of details you’ll need to look after. As a booth renter, your taxes may be slightly different than a commissioned stylist. Often filing under the “self-employed category” you’ll need to report taxes at this rate and often consult an accountant to ensure you’ve reported and processed paperwork correctly. As a booth renter, you’ll need to create your own way of marketing and scheduling your services as well as offering your clients a unique way to pay because you’ll be both the receptionist and the cashier at your station. Managing your own finances, you’ll want to keep an eye on your return on investment by understanding how much you invest in color, products, tools and supplies. You’ll often need to handle your own laundry, which means you’ll either need to hire a service or take care of this chore by yourself. If you have a well-established clientele and don’t need to worry about building, this can often be a much more lucrative option than being a commissioned stylist. You will see career growth as a direct result of what you put into your efforts.

If you’re still curious about which structure is best for your needs, consider interviewing a few different salons and learning about what they offer. In addition to this, be sure to tune into the latest education from America’s Beauty Show. With weekly education dedicated to you and growing your career, classes like Financial Planning with Tony Fulco are ideal to learn helpful business tips no matter if you’re a salon commissioned stylist or a booth renter.

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