Welcome clients back with your personal touch

Welcome clients back with your personal touch

During the shut-downs over the past year, consumers turned to self-care like never before. They ordered products from you—when possible—and bought a slew more on Amazon. They followed tutorials on YouTube and TikTok to wash, scrub, style, polish and even color their hair. They felt pretty good about themselves. They think they’ve got skills. So now that salons have re-opened, how do you get them back? By reminding them how you use your hands and your heart to create beauty in their lives and make them feel cared for. 

Clients can get “good enough” gray coverage results from a box or from 10 salons within four blocks of yours. What they can’t find so easily is someone who applies that color with caring, kindness and empathy. Someone who listens and focuses on them. 

Can it really be that simple? Yes, it can. The client in your chair might have no one who listens. You can listen. That doesn’t mean turning the appointment into a therapy session—in fact, it’s just the opposite. Keep the conversation positive, professional and focused on what you have planned to help her feel beautiful, special and rejuvenated. 

  • Start with a thorough consultation at every visit—so you can provide the exact service the client wants, demonstrate your expertise and—important—agree on the cost. Their budget might have changed and you need to make that okay. Yes, a consultation is basic, but it rarely happens—especially with long-time clients. Surprise them! Tell them you’ve been thinking about a specific style, color, service or product that you couldn’t wait to share. Find out specifically what they’ve been doing during lock down, including anything that has touched their hair. 
  • Be accessible. Use email, texting, social media, even the phone—whatever each client prefers—to check in to make sure they’re loving the results. Remind them about their next appointment. And let them know they’re welcome to send questions during business hours. 
  • Be present. Whether they’re your first client of the day or the fiftieth of the week, pay attention to them as if they’re your only client. 
  • Share your expertise. Don’t be afraid to share information and resources. Send your clients links to your favorite videos and online content—even to your product partners. Encourage them to share their favorite beauty resources with you, too. That says you value their opinions.
  • Be authentic. Brag about your expertise, but if you aren’t familiar with something they request, be upfront. Then learn everything possible before their next visit.

Follow these steps and your clients might not remember their hair color or what they paid for it. But when clients leave feeling cared for and valued, that’s priceless.

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