Mastering Complex Skin Conditions: A Global Esthetic Approach

With Monica Machej
New Age Spa Institute

Sun, 21 Apr 2024 12:30PM- 2:30PM(CST)
Location: 40

Limited seating. Available to the first 75

The incredible rise in skin disorders and immune or hormonal-related skin sensitivities requires enhanced awareness of which devices and treatments prioritize consumers’ main target zones, needs, and budgets. Learn to integrate physician-diagnosed conditions into holistic esthetic approaches that transform your practice into a rewarding haven of expertise for clients seeking relief and visible results. Uncover intricate causes and manifestations of cutaneous disorders from the role of mites in rosacea, fungal acne, and hormonal effects on pigmentation like stubborn melasma. Fuel your brand growth with and expand your professional reporter to follow industry shift prioritizing beauty health and wellness.

  • ·         Gain a comprehensive understanding of the signs and causes of various skin disorders, including psoriasis, eczema, and acne vulgaris.
  • ·         Deepen knowledge of the complexities of managing diverse stages of rosacea and the intricate factors of melasma treatment.
  • ·         Develop insights into how autoimmune disorders and hormonal imbalances affect skin health and learn strategies to manage these conditions within an esthetic scope.
  • ·         Learn to successfully merge physician-diagnosed conditions with beauty wellness for clients with sensitive skin conditions.