Bring Your Expertise.
Drop Some Knowledge.

April 20-22, 2024

Share your passion and your skills with our community of loyal, original, and straight-up cool beauty pros. Demo your techniques, sell out your stock, and make lasting partnerships with the people who are gonna love you forever.

Promote yourself to over 21,000 beauty professionals.

Increase your brand recognition in popular salons across the Midwest by connecting with the salon owners, students, and individual professionals.

You’ll be in front of people who pride themselves on being original. When they find someone they like, they can’t wait to talk about it in their salon and share on social media.

America’s most badass beauty show has the most loyal attendees.

America’s most badass beauty show has the most loyal attendees.

When it comes to selecting content for our professional beauty industry events, we aim for content that is relatable, actionable, and on-trend. If you have 2+ years of experience speaking in front of audiences and your content follows proven best practices in the industry, we would love to consider you as a potential educator.

Additionally, your class format must meet the requirements for Illinois Continuing Education Credit. We take these guidelines seriously to ensure our attendees receive the most valuable and relevant information possible.

• Content not regularly seen at other industry conferences.
• Proven best practices working directly in, or supporting, the professional beauty industry.
• Actionable takeaways for attendees

Apply today to submit your class title and description for consideration.


  • • Content that has not been presented regularly at other industry events.

  • • Proven best practices that support the professional beauty industry

  • • Actionable takeaways for all attendees

  • • 2+ years experience speaking to in-person audiences

  • • Complete class title and description

  • • Educator headshot, bio & contact information

Cosmetologists Chicago Education

Cosmetologists Chicago (CC) encourages artists, leaders & technical experts to be considered for the opportunity to speak at future CC Events. Throughout the year CC hosts educational events, seminars, and workshops to support the continued learning of our members and the industry at large.

Come as you are. We're calling on the entire beauty industry to ensure we have full representation and a diversity of voices for 2023 and beyond. Educators should be working directly in or supporting the professional beauty industry.

Educational opportunities include but are not limited to hair, skin, nails, business, technology, social media skills, content creation, health & wellness.


  • • Unique content that is relatable, actionable, and on-trend

  • • Proven best practices in the professional beauty industry or supporting the industry

  • • 2+ year’s experience speaking in front of in-person audiences

  • • Class formats that fit the requirements for Illinois Continuing Education Credit

  • • Membership in Cosmetologists Chicago


  • • Contact information including address, phone, email, and social media links
    • A final and grammatically correct class description
    • Learning Methodology
    • Professional headshot and bio
    • Membership in Cosmetologists Chicago
    • References as they relate to previous education/public speaking experience


  • Fees, honorariums & travel for educators not associated are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
  • CC class fees range from complimentary to several hundred dollars per attendee. Flexibility in fee structure in trade for promotion to our database of 20,000 beauty professionals should be considered.