“Fastest Weft in the Industry - 1hr Application CINDERELLAHAIR BETTER THAN A WEFT™” CERTIFICATION

With Cinderellahair Extensions

Mon, 22 Apr 2024 9:30AM-12:30PM(CST)
Location: 48

Limited seating. Available to the first 40

MAKE MORE MONEY and Save Time Behind the Chair with the hottest new hair extension method, Better Than a Weft™.  In this class, you will learn how to increase volume, length, and install massive hair in 30-90 minutes with no downside for your clients.  Why is this “Better Than a Weft”…  less time, more hair, custom cuttable, no unraveling, chemical-free color option, simple maintenance, easy care, no tracks, no sewing, and no stinky hair.  Spend 3 hours and minimal investment to be the first to master “Better Than a Weft” hair extensions!

Your Investment Includes ($700+ value): 

• Certification • I-Hair Application/Removal Tool • I-Hair Loop & Hook Tool • I-Hair Small Silicone Links • T-Hair Pro .35 Training Hair • Better Than a Weft Training Hair • I-Hair/T-Hair/ CH Strips Color Ring • Better Than a Weft Color Ring • Rat Tail Comb • Hair Extension Brush • Cinderellahair Prep Shampoo • Cinderellahair pH Balancer with Applicator Bottle/Spray Attachment • Cinderellahair Tape Measure • Mannequin Head • Velcro Grippers • Cinderellahair Backpack • Technical Training Manual 

Tool List: • 5 metal duck bill clips • 5 butterfly clamps • Styling & cutting comb • Shears and/or razor